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John Shulman

Founder & Managing Partner

Craig Hille

Managing Director

Chuck Dieveney

Managing Director

Alex Deegan

Managing Director

Benton Lee


Matt Buckley

Chief Financial Officer

Ryan Osgood


Dan Semler

Senior Associate

Bo Wang

Senior Associate

Kevin Phan


Cheryl Snyder

Business Manager

    Sara Shockley

    Investor Relations & Marketing Associate

    Heather Clarke

    Administrative Analyst

    Mark Derrick

    Financial Analyst

      Rich Owen

      Operating Advisor

        Peter Mann

        Operating Advisor

          Johari Hamilton

          Computer & Information Systems Consultant

            Mr. Owen and Mr. Mann are advisors to JCP and are not members of the investment team. They provide consulting services directly to JCP’s portfolio companies. Any compensation they receive from a portfolio company does not reduce the management fee payable to JCP pursuant to a “management fee offset” provision.